Matteson Auto Mall Dealers Go the Extra Mile for Senior Citizens

The Matteson Auto Mall is a special place – no other car-shopping venue in the country is quite like the Auto Mall.  It makes shopping for new or used cars incredibly easy because so many excellent dealerships (several of the Chicago area’s top-rated dealers) are there, all collected under a single convenient roof.  Located in Matteson, IL just off I-57, it’s not only easy to find, but easy to get to for anyone who lives in Chicago or one of its suburbs.

Every dealer at the Matteson Auto Mall has an extensive selection of new and used cars, so customers never have a hard time finding exactly the make and model they want.  These dealerships are also strongly committed to an aggressive pricing policy which ensures that buyers never overpay at the Auto Mall.  Their sales teams are hand-picked to be friendly and helpful so that every shopper has an excellent experience while he or she is there.  They’ll go out of their way to make sure everyone finds the right vehicle at the right price.

That’s how every customer is treated at the Matteson Auto Mall.  But all the dealerships there understand that some senior citizens might have some special needs when it comes to buying or servicing their cars.  That’s why Matteson Auto Mall dealers are happy to go the extra mile for seniors.

Here are a few examples of the special services and extra assistance these dealerships offer to senior citizens in the Chicago area:

  • They offer special dealer incentives for senior citizens;
  • Their sales and finance personnel will take the extra time some seniors need to thoroughly understand the purchase process, including explaining the price and features of the vehicle they’re buying, their trade-in’s value, the terms of any auto financing, titling and auto insurance matters, and other important aspects of the purchase process;
  • They provide extra pickup and drop-off services for senior citizens whose vehicles are being brought in for maintenance, repair or other service at the dealership; and
  • They provide loaner cars to senior citizens who are Service Department customers and need transportation while their cars are in the shop.

You won’t easily find an Orland Park dealership that’s happy to help senior citizens the way the dealers at the Matteson Auto Mall do every day.  You might find a dealer or two that are willing to do some of the things mentioned above.  But you sure won’t find a whole collection of car dealers that are all happy to provide every one of those services to senior citizens.  And that’s just one of the things that make the Matteson Auto Mall and its car dealers so special.

AOPHA – Automotive Professional Helper Association (Part II)

The auto industry is sometimes not always as kind as it can be to senior citizens. Just ask around, and you will probably hear the inevitable tale of the aged person who was taken advantage of in some way, shape or form inside of an auto dealership service department. However, real and true professionals in the auto industry are going to see to it that senior citizens are very well taken care of at the aforementioned auto dealership service department. Read on to discover some of the things that true professionals in the auto industry do in order to make sure that senior citizens are treated well in any auto dealership service department.

In fact, what is sometimes done to seniors is something that can get downright nasty sometimes! For example, some auto dealership service departments will not even think twice about charging seniors more than what is really warranted. Some veterans of working in these service departments will not shy away from confirming the dirty side of this business, which is that the philosophy there is sometimes to always sell more to customers than what they really need, which is something that a reputable auto industry professional just simply will not do, especially not to seniors!

First of all, the service writer at your local auto dealership service department is nothing more than the mechanic; service writer is sort of a glorified term for what really is a mechanic, plain and simple. Want some proof that a service is really a salesman? Well, it turns out that the majority of them are actually paid on a commission, and they are therefore incentivized to do all that they can to sell customers more than they need. True professionals in the auto service industry are not going to let seniors get abused in this way by having service writers push more onto them than what their car really requires! Some of these mechanics work by the belief system that the more they succeed at getting customers to buy, then the more money they will eventually place into their own pockets.

For instance, a mechanic will sometimes push something referred to as the dealer recommended service onto customers, including seniors. The underhanded tactic of the dealer recommended service is to call for things such as transmission flushes and also oil changes a lot more frequently than what a standard owner’s manual would really recommend! Clearly, the agenda behind this type of “recommended” service is to put more money into the auto dealership that will be carrying out these more frequent services. Again, a true professional in this industry is going to be very sure to be upfront with his or her elderly customers at all times. This of course must include not selling them services that they do not really need or that will be performed too frequently for their vehicle’s real needs. A service writer may sometimes be tempted to take advantage of a senior because of his or her advanced age, but this is really a violation of professional ethics that mechanics at auto dealerships should be practicing.

In sum, the elderly deserve to be treated well at any auto dealership service department regardless of what a mechanic might think. Just because they may have some cognitive issues or not expect the pushing of unnecessary services onto them does not mean that an auto dealership should take advantage of them. Certainly, any real professional working within the auto industry should see to it that no senior citizen falls victim to any sort of unnecessary service that is being pushed on them.

AOPHA-Automotive Professional Helper Association

The fact of the matter is that senior citizens simply have different needs when it comes to autos than their counterparts who are still decades younger. As a result, considerate auto professionals as well as conscientious dealers ought to make certain that they respond in a thoughtful manner to these kinds of needs of seniors. After all, if they do not respond accordingly, said auto professionals and dealers will only be losing out on their bottom line as the senior citizens will be repelled by a lack of choices that are useful in their lives.

When seniors are looking to buy cars, they are going to have needs that are specific to their lifestyles, and auto professionals and dealers should really take a long, hard look at what these needs are. One of the greatest ways that this can be achieved is for said auto professionals and dealers to simply ask any seniors who happen to step onto their lots about their specific needs and the like. It is also a known fact that seniors can take a longer amount of time in order to finally make up their minds with regard to the cars that they want to drive. As a result, auto professionals and dealers should also keep this in mind and be patient long enough not to rush them into any hasty decisions.

Whereas the younger set of car buyers—people who are still in their 30s and 40s—may be interested in buying a new car that has a really loud stereo or turbo features, the senior citizen is likely looking at other areas of interest. Said areas of interest can be things such as safety features like the number of airbags in the vehicle and how safe any given vehicle is during a car crash or auto accident. In addition to these kinds of car feature concerns, older drivers may well also be concerned with more practical aspects of the driving experience. These can be concerns such as worries about how comfortable the seats in the vehicle are or how the vehicle they are looking at does at ferrying around small children, as seniors may have some grandkids whom they want to drive around when they get to see them. Some seniors may be concerned about the fuel economy of the car that they are checking out, especially if they are living on something such as a fixed income. As a result of this fixed income, said seniors are not going to be wanting to drive a car that is always going to consume a lot of fuel quite aggressively, which will put them on the hook for having to pay copious amounts of gas, something they naturally want to avoid.

The more that both auto professionals and dealers learn and understand about these types of concerns of senior citizens, then the more they are going to be capable of addressing the concerns of their more aged clientele. One good way that they can understand more about the lives and the interests of seniors is by providing them with a questionnaire or a survey of some sort, immediately when they step onto the car lot. This is an excruciatingly effective way of making certain that they become more and more in touch with the interests of seniors.

When you are a car dealer, you want to make sure that you end up serving the needs of your clientele, or else you will not have any more business! When it comes to seniors, be sure to know this demographic very well and tailor products to their needs.